Swimming pool water treatment

Swimming pool water treatmentSwimming pool water treatment

Pool water treatment to remove chloramines

Pool water is intended for swimming pools, whether public, collective, private or built as part of a spa area. Pool waters include water in municipal swimming pools for all residents for swimming activities as well the water in swimming pools in establishments open to the public (ERP) such as a hotel, a campsite, a holiday village, a gite or a bed and breakfast.

The swimming pools at aquatic fun parks, balneotherapy fitness centres, baths and spas is also considered as pool water for collective use that must be treated. In these shared pools/tanks, health and hygiene rules must be respected to prevent any risks to the health of swimmers and lifeguards. According to current regulations, to disinfect public and collective swimming pools, chlorine is mandatory. Regulations requires the concentration of combined chlorine remains below 0.6 milligrams per litre of water. If baby swimmers also use the pool, this rate should be below 0.4 milligrams per litre of water. But bathers, who are the first contamination target of microorganisms present in the water, are also at their origin. They contaminate the water through hair, skin scales, urine, sweat, saliva, sputum, etc.

In contact with all these nitrogenous pollutants which are brought by bathers, chlorine produces residual compounds called chloramines (monochloramines NH2Cl, dichloramines NHCl2 and trichloramines NCl3). The chloramine concentration in water should not exceed 0.6 milligrams per litre of chlorinated water. Trichloramine is a particularly volatile and harmful for human health. According to studies by the Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (INRS - National Institute for Research and Security), this compound is the cause of respiratory disorders (rhinitis, asthma) and eye and nasal irritations.
Since 2003, these symptoms have been recognised as an occupational disease among lifeguards and swimming pool maintenance personnel. Furthermore, trichloramines corrode equipment and buildings and can sometimes cause infrastructure problems.
Swimming pool water treatment

Pros of UVDECHLO reactors - Made in France

  • Effective environmentally friendly water treatment for healthier swimming and working conditions,
  • Power regulation that automatically adapts to pool usage (energy saving),
  • Low energy consumption using low pressure UV lamps,
  •  A lamp lasts up to 16,000 hours or 2 years,
  • Reduced maintenance cost for UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning,
  • A simple horizontal or vertical installation on a bypass,
  • Simplified operation with indicator lights.

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UV dechloramination: UVGERMI leader in France

In France, our company is the leader in UV dechloramination. More than 2,500 public and collective swimming pools are equipped with UVGERMI units. The UVDECHLO range has been approved by the Ministry of Health since 2006. With this certification, our UV units comply with standards and the quality of their process is guaranteed. UVDECHLO units are sized according to the volume of water to be treated and can range from 10 to 1,050 m3/h.
The sizing of the unit takes into account the maximum recycling flow rate, the volume of water to be treated, the diameter of the pipework, the chloramine level analysed and the number of people using the pool. This massively reduces chloramine levels in the water by approximately 80% on average. Nitrogen trichloride in the air of covered public swimming pools is also reduced by half. Ministerial authorisation is also based on studies showing that UVDECHLO have no effect on THM levels.

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UV treatment for private swimming pool water

Even though less bathers use a private pool at home, the water also contains pathogenic microorganisms which put the bathers at risk. Furthermore, chlorine treatment is often the cause of strong smells emanating from the pool. UV technology used for water treatment in public swimming pools can also be adapted to private pools. UVs block bacteria reproduction by damaging their DNA. Based on our extensive experience of water purification (link to the drinking water treatment page) and of water treatment for public swimming pools, our UV technology is becoming affordable as we are developing units that are exclusively dedicated to private pools.
Units from the UVZEN range can treat between 1 and 35 m3/h and destroy bacteria, viruses and all microorganisms in the water. That way, algae cannot proliferate and the chemical doses used are considerably reduced. When using these units, the pool water is pleasant causing no eye or skin irritation. It is safe, clear with no chlorine smell.

Pros of UVZEN reactors - Made in France

  • Environmentally friendly treatment that reduces the risk of allergy
  • Pleasant swimming experience in safe water with no unpleasant smells
  • No physical or chemical modification of the water, no changes in pH
  • A lamp lasts up to 9,000 hours or 1 year
  • Reduced maintenance cost for UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning
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