Our Code of Ethics

The UVGERMI® ethical charter is intended to be the foundation of the values to which it is attached and which it wishes to transmit within its teams and within the framework of its activities. The objectives of this ethical charter can only be achieved thanks to the commitment, reflection and sense of responsibility of everyone.

This ethical charter has been signed by all employees.
Respect Engagements /


Create a lasting relationship of trust with our employees, which is built on the basis of mutual respect and the preservation of the fundamental interests of each.

Respect our planet by implementing daily measures to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recycle, manage water and waste.

Know and fully comply with applicable trade rules, laws and regulations in each country where UVGERMI operates.

Favor partnership relations with our customers, our suppliers and our partners by committing sufficiently to guarantee the sustainability of a conjecture of trust.

Fight against all forms of discrimination, exclusion, ostracism on the grounds of belonging to a religion, caste, geographical origin, sexual orientation, culinary or religious preferences, which could create an intimidating, offensive or hostile situation within the work environment of each employee.

Ban proselytism, moral or psychological constraints.

Wear universal values ​​of integrity and respect.

Industrial Culture Engagements /

Industrial Culture

Support the continuous training of our employees so that each of them can play an active role in their professional development through the acquisition of skills and thus cope with the accelerated development of techniques and trades.

Developing innovation and research, a major challenge for growth and economic competitiveness, in order to be able to offer our customers appropriate solutions in terms of quality and performance.

Promote cohesion by encouraging each employee to promote teamwork and relationships of trust in order to develop synergies. Beyond the working atmosphere, it is the quality of the relationship between the women and men of our teams that determines their satisfaction, their motivation and their performance.

Ensure the protection and defense of its intellectual property data.

Responsibility Engagements /


Develop short circuits and responsible purchasing through local subcontracting to promote a local economy with the concern to integrate social and environmental concerns related to commercial activities.

Identify and assess short- and long-term risks related to the activity or workstation.

Anticipating regulations and developing policies and management systems in favor of the environment, in order to better control our impact and the risks generated by our activities.

Favor all initiatives that help decarbonize our daily lives, improve our working environment and anchor us in the search for sustainability.

Transparency Engagements /


Ensure transparency in our communication so that the same information is communicated to all teams.

Keep confidential by each employee any internal and non-public information having an economic or strategic value likely to have consequences on its competitiveness or influence its share price.

Ensure rigorous record keeping and maintain transparent financial reporting.

Fight against corruption in the conduct of its business and prevent internally the risks related to the confusion between personal interests and the interests of the company.

Treat fairly and honestly all suppliers and ensure the security of information systems.

Sovereignty Engagements /


Maintain our ability to establish and protect our autonomy in order to guarantee our competitiveness in the face of extraterritorial laws and ambitions by acquiring high-performance French or European economic, technological and digital tools.


Other questions?

If an employee is unsure of the course of action in a specific situation, they may seek advice from Willy FORTUNATO, Managing Director or Rémi DARDANELLI, Ethics referent.

We support the United Nations Global Compact

This is our Communication on Progress in implementing the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and supporting broader UN goals.
We welcome feedback on its content.
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