Together for tomorrow

Together for tomorrow

UV GERMI, a company addressing the:

Challenges of the modern world
Concerns of the population
Public policy issues

with an efficient technology inspired by nature and applied to the treatment of air, water and surfaces


of company turnover devoted to Research & Development


Research is a key component in UV GERMI’s development strategy. It focuses on two areas: basic research and experimentation.

20 litres/day

This is the minimum need for drinking water per day and per person


Water intended for human consumption contains pathogenic microorganisms. The range of ACS-authorised UV GERMI reactors destroys pathogens without altering the water’s organoleptic properties.

23 m³

It is the volume of wastewater discharged every second in the world (according to the UN)


The UV GERMI UV waste water treatment range can disinfect them before they are discharged to sensitive environments or reused.

253.7 nanometres

This is the precise wavelength at which UV-C naturally destroys bacteria, viruses and parasites.


The physical reaction of this light breaks down the DNA of the microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, mould, pollen), volatile organic compounds (formaldehyde, etc.), and fine particles (including odours). When exposed to UV radiation, these human health hazards become harmless.


This is the average time spent in closed environments…


(Offices, homes, supermarkets, shops, workshops, transport, performance venues, etc.). 100% of homes are polluted with formaldehyde. 90% of Covid-19 infections occur through airborne transmission in enclosed and poorly ventilated areas. UV GERMI offers an air treatment solution based on photo-catalysis combined with UV disinfection, which optimises the performance of the treatment and makes in more effective.

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