Surface treatment

Surface treatmentSurface treatment

Treating surfaces in sensitive environments for industrial needs

For many agri-food, pharmaceutical or clean industries, respecting of the antibacterial chain in manufacturing or implementation processes is essential and has been for many years. The aim is to eliminate any bacteriological risk in environments where products we ingest, we apply to our skin and we use as medication are produced.
In the agri-food industry, UV surface treatment is used, for example, to disinfect:

  • Food products,
  • Packaging films,
  • Packaging machines,
  • Conveyor belts and
  • All work surfaces.

For clean industry professionals, other disinfection needs have been identified such as the treatment of linen transport trolleys, truck boxes or work utensils used for cleaning.

To meet this need for disinfection in industry, we have developed surface treatment units that work quickly and continuously, without emitting heat or chemicals. Most have been developed according to the specifications of our customers.

Surface treatment: the new public health issue

With the rise of influenza A (H1N1 virus) in 2009 and COVID19 (Coronavirus) ten years later, the disinfection of surfaces has become a major public health issue. In this context of rapid contamination, surface treatment is now essential everywhere. This need is felt even more in places open to the public or busy locations such as airports, railway stations, public transport networks, hospitals, schools, etc. In places where chemicals are still applicable, this disinfection solution is mostly used despite its impact on the environment and our planet. But when surface disinfection using wet biocide is not suitable, for example with computer and electronic equipment, another disinfection solution must be suggested.

UV radiation technology is able to sanitise surfaces without damaging the equipment. In companies, in industry, each case is unique. Because of this need, surface treatment units developed by UVGERMI are mostly made to measure for a specific need. Today, surface disinfection affects all sectors of activity since the priority is to slow down the COVID19 pandemic. The surface treatment units we developed in our UVGERMI Research and Innovation Centre are now available in our catalogue.


Pros of the UVGERMI units

  • Mobile and portable devices,
  • Treatment of accessible surfaces, sensitive surfaces and objects,
  • Contact time of 2 to 3 seconds for the portable lamp,
  • 230 V power supply,
  • Up to 9,000 hours or one year of operation for one UV lamp,
For example, our units can easily be used by:

  • Dentists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists to disinfect their surgeries,
  • Taxis, paramedics, forklift drivers, firefighters and carriers to disinfect their vehicles and transport trucks,
  • Shops and stores to disinfect checkouts, fitting rooms, payment terminals, etc.,
  • Cafes, hotels and restaurants to disinfect rooms, furniture, telephones, switches, door handles, etc.,
  • Local authorities to disinfect schools, gymnasiums, libraries, all public places, etc.,
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