Seawater treatment

Seawater treatmentSeawater treatment

Seawater treatment is required in aquaculture such as fish farming, shellfish farming, fish tanks and hatcheries. Seawater is also used in large aquariums and zoos where many species of fish and marine mammals are grouped in various saltwater basins. And finally, the seawater is also used for hydrotherapy in thalassotherapy centre where it is abstracted off estuaries and coasts and then discharged into the marine environment. Treating seawater without chemicals has therefore become more than essential to protect the seabed.

UV treatment of seawater for aquaculture

For aquaculture activities, implementing seawater treatment that is both effective and environmentally friendly is a major challenge. This treatment must destroy pathogenic microorganisms without jeopardising their production and without any consequences on the marine fauna and flora after discharge. Aquaculture activities and particularly fish farming have a strong impact on water quality. Water in rearing and hatching tanks must be changed regularly. So it must be treated before it is discharged in the natural environment. The nitrogen waste found in tanks is due to the fish and shellfish, from excreta and uneaten fish feed. To maintain the biological balance in the marine environment, to increase production in hatcheries, to reduce mortality from diseases in rearing tanks, UV technology is a suitable response. It does not use chemicals that are harmful for marine organisms and the receiving environments

UV treatment of seawater in thalassotherapy centres before discharge

Thalassotherapy centres can use large volumes of seawater. They have a pumping authorisation and the quantity of water pumped varies according to the establishment’s occupation. To be effective during treatment, seawater must not be stored within the centre for more than 24 hours. So, the centres generally pump seawater offshore, transport it to their establishment and store it in tanks for filtration, heating or even sterilisation. With UV treatment, the resulting seawater has a high bacteriological quality before being released into the natural environment. This removes the risk of modifying the balance of marine fauna and flora in the natural environment. For these very different activities, we have developed a range of reactors which are resistant to the corrosive salt water environment. The seawater range offers UV units with treatment chambers made of food-grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Whether in the standard range or in the industrial range, our seawater UV disinfection units for thalassotherapy centres, aquariums, zoos and for fish farming, shellfish farming, fish tanks and hatcheries.


UVGERMI partner of the largest zoos and water parks

For zoo and aquarium managers, the welfare and health of animals are top priorities. The water quality must be optimal with non-existent algae proliferation for the best environment for the marine animals. Most zoos and aquariums operate in a closed water circuit. New seawater is not regularly added. So their aquariums and tanks must be equipped with a top-of-the-range environmentally friendly filtration and disinfection system. In this context, UV technology is an effective means of treating seawater. This solution, which has been used by the largest zoos and water parks in France, has proven itself at the Zoo de Beauval, at Naussica, the largest European aquarium, at Eurodisney and at the Center Parcs resorts. When using our range of UV reactors specifically designed for the treatment of seawater, aquarium water is clearer and rid of bacteria such as microalgae or phytoplankton.

Seawater treatment

Pros of UVGERMI HDPE seawater reactors - Made in France

  • An environmentally friendly treatment without the chemicals,
  • Reactor casing and electrical cabinet resistant to corrosion,
  • Monochromatic low pressure lamps with low power consumption,
  • Reduced maintenance cost for UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning - A lamp lasts up to 16,000 hours or 2 years.

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