Industrial water treatment

Industrial water treatmentIndustrial water treatment

UV treatment of water in an industrial environment

Industrialists have to comply with more and stricter regulations for their industrial effluent discharges. To be able to discharge their industrial wastewater, they have to limit their concentrations of organic compounds and metals. Disinfecting their process water has therefore become essential before discharge. The issues remain: the receiving natural environment must be protected if the water is extracted from a borehole.

Pros of UVGERMI UV reactors for industrial water - Made in France

  • An environmentally friendly treatment without the chemicals that are not compatible with many industrial applications,
  • Reactor casing and electrical cabinet resistant to corrosion,
  • Monochromatic low pressure lamps with low power consumption,
  • Tailored manufacturing that complies with pharmaceutical requirements,
  • Reduced maintenance cost for UV lamp replacement and quartz sleeve cleaning - A lamp lasts up to 16,000 hours or 2 years,
  • Additional or tailored options and equipment.

Specific applications for pollution removal from effluents

Faced with increasingly stringent regulations on pollution removal from effluents, our research and innovation centre is constantly working to develop specific solutions experimentally. These developments meet the new needs of the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aeronautical, food-processing industries and all manufacturing plants. These UV-based solutions are now systematically applied. That way, we are able to reach advanced oxidation on very specific applications. As an example, this involves removing biological and chemical pollutants in a fluid using advanced oxidation, ozonation-deozonation or dechlorination.
Here are the main applications:

  • Production and disinfection of ultra-pure water,
  • Destruction of residual ozone,
  • Reduction of total organic carbon (TOC) concentration in pure water.

Applications of UV technology to industrial water treatment

If industrial wastewater is discharged into a municipal wastewater treatment plant (via a public collection network), it must not interfere with its operation. A special wastewater discharge agreement sets the discharge limits and regulates the contamination parameters which vary according to the type of industrial activity and the receiving natural waters. Industrialists are also experiencing rising drinking water costs. In this context, the recycling of industrial process, rinsing and washing water becomes an interesting practice. To meet various industrial needs, UV water disinfection is considered as one of the most effective disinfection techniques. It completely destroys microorganisms without needing chemicals, which are generally not compatible with a large number of industrial processes. This is an environmentally friendly process with low operating and maintenance costs. It fully meets the different needs of industrialists:
  • Secure the plant's water resource for use in its industrial process and protect equipment (osmosis, filtration),
  • Recycle process water for reuse as washing or irrigation water,
  • Disinfect the water to reach the required bacteriological content before discharge,
  • Produce and store ultra-pure water (UPW) for industrial needs in pharmacy, cosmetics and agri-food,
  • Treat stored water (storm, buffer and emergency tanks).

Pros of GERMICHLORE reactors - Made in France

  • Effective environmentally friendly treatment in addition to chlorine,
  • Low energy consumption using low pressure UV lamps – A lamp lasts up to 9,000 hours, i.e. 1 year,
  • Reduced maintenance cost for lamp replacement and sleeve cleaning,
  • Very simple operation.

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Industrial water treatment

UV treatment of agricultural water

In the agricultural sector, water is mainly used for crop irrigation and for livestock farming (watering the animals).

UV treatment of irrigation water for its reuse

Europe would like to see more reuse for crop irrigation. This practice would reduce the abstraction of water from rivers and groundwater. Water resources would then be better protected. Furthermore, as for industrialists, the cost of drinking water is a burden that weighs heavily on farming operations. It very quickly becomes interesting to set up high-performance systems to disinfect drainage water and remove the bacteria in contains, in order to reuse is as irrigation water.

To treat irrigation water for hydroponic greenhouse crops, we have developed GERMI SERRE. Specially designed and developed for producers of hydroponic fruit, vegetables or other plants, our UV reactors, which operate independently, can help limit fertiliser, energy and water costs. In contact with ultraviolet light, the water is disinfected for reuse, without any risk of contaminating the crops.

UV treatment of water intended for animal feed

The quality of water intended for animal feed is an important issue for farmers. Animals must be in good health to provide products with a reliable sanitary value. In some cases, the water may need to be over-chlorinated. However, it should be kept in mind that a too high chlorine dose may have different consequences depending on the type of livestock reared. There may be a link between certain issues with reproduction in some farm animals as well as adverse effects of disinfection by-products. A good hard management therefore requires that the water supply is carefully monitored.

To prevent any zootechnical and contamination risk, water intended for animal watering must be regularly analysed and effectively treated. UV disinfection is the only effective barrier against Cryptosporidium and Gardia, two types of protozoa found in water. To meet the needs of livestock farmers, we have developed a range of specific UV reactors (GERMICHLORE) for the treatment of trough water. By combining UVs with chlorination, you can reduce the amount of chlorine injected into the water. This double barrier improves the taste of water without any risk for the herd.

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