Air treatment

Air treatmentAir treatment

Why purify indoor air?

Unlike the monitored and highly publicised outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution was a relatively unknown topic until the early 2000s. We spend on average 80% of our time in closed environments. Depending on where we are, the air is more or less polluted. We are exposed daily to physical, biological and chemical agents that modify the characteristics of the atmosphere and may have consequences for our health.

Primary indoor pollutants:

  • Physical elements: CO2, humidity, particles, artificial mineral fibres,
  • Biocontaminants: spores, viruses, coronaviruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds,
  • Chemical pollution or volatile organic compounds (VOC): hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, chlorinated derivatives, nitrates, amines, aldehydes.

The emergence of the H1N1 virus motivated UVGERMI to make advances in the germicidal properties of UV technology for applications in air treatment as early as 2009. We sought to support industrialists in meeting their operational needs and health security objectives by researching and developing solutions aimed at improving air quality in sensitive environments (industry) and confined spaces (aeroplanes).

With the COVID19 pandemic, the question of air quality has become a major global public health issue. The issue of contamination by coronaviruses now arises everywhere in schools, medical and hospital environments, places open to the public, professional environments in offices, means of transport (metro, trains, buses).

By capitalising on the needs of their customers, the UVGERMI Research and Innovation Centre is progressing every day to find new solutions for purifying the air in which we live.

Air treatment by photocatalysis

The combined effect of photo-catalysis and UV disinfection purifies indoor air of infectious microorganisms. Photocatalysis is based on titanium dioxide and is an effective method for destroying volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By combining UV technology with photo-catalysis, the treatment’s performance is even more effective:

This technology helps:

  • Purify the air in indoor environments,
  • Disinfect the air in sensitive environments,
  • Limit the risks of airborne contamination,
  • Destroy microorganisms (chemical pollution),
  • Eliminate viruses (removing the risk of exposure to the virus),
  • Treat odours,
  • Protect archives from mould,
  • Make the air healthy and comfortable for users.

GERMI R75 and GERMI R Clean

Designed and manufactured in France by UVGERMI, these two air treatment units have been tested by specialised and accredited independent French laboratories. GERMI R75 has been recognised by ADEME (the French Agency for the environment and energy management) as being the most effective unit on the market (compared to 20 other machines using various techniques). They are offering an air purification system that treats volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pathogens, including viruses. Thus, they are ensuring the protection of people, employees, customers, patients using these confined spaces and collective or air-conditioned common rooms.

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Air treatment
The GERMI RClean is a unit especially designed for large indoor volumes such as industrial production spaces, pharmaceutical laboratories, a hospital hall, etc. For some smaller spaces such as changing rooms, airlock, waiting room, classroom, dental office, GERMI 75 is more suitable.

Pros of the UVGERMI units

  • Mobile units,
  • Treatment of spaces between 100 m² to several hundred m²,
  • Low noise,
  • Low operating and maintenance costs,
  • Up to 9,000 hours or one year of operation for one UV lamp.

Purification efficiency

  • V.O.Cs: Full removal with several passes without generating ozone.
  • H1N1 virus: 99% removal with one pass, 99.99% with two passes,
  • Staphylococcus Epidermidis bacteria: 87% removal with one pass,
  • Aspergillus Brasiliensi fungi: 86% removal with one pass.
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