After the creation of his own industrial supplies company in 1979, André Bordas decided to respond to increasing customer demand by developing and manufacturing his own range of UV sterilizers for water treatment.

Strengthened by this experience and increasing with the best tools and materials of UV disinfection technology, UVGERMI is now dechloramination market leader for treatment of public swimming pools and a reference for treatment of drinking- and waste water.

Every day, our teams work towards sustainable development and improving the quality of our environment:

“Tomorrow is another day and it is our duty to protect the future. Today’s technologies help us to construct tomorrow’s world.”

André Bordas


UVGERMI is a human scale business, which means we differentiate ourselves from the competition by acting swiftly, being flexible and listening attentively to our clients.

Our qualified team of engineers and technicians study and develop ever more efficient procedures to best meet our clients’ expectations.

Our sales team covers the whole of France and travels throughout Europe, Middle-East and North Africa to ensure a close relationship with our clients.

Our after sales service offers technical support for the installation of the equipment, as well as follow up on maintenance.


In our workshops in the Corrèze area, we daily design and manufacture UV reactors for a multitude of applications in the following fields:
  • Drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Water in public swimming pools
  • Rain water
  • Air
  • Surfaces
  • Industrial water (food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries)
The quality of our equipment is widely recognized in the various areas where we are active. Certification from the French Ministry of Health, which we received for our low pressure UV dechloramination process applied to public swimming pools, is a measure of the efficiency and the reliability of our UVDECHLO range.

Our stainless steel and polyethylene devices for the treatment of drinking water (domestic and collective range) have been tested by biodosimetry and were awarded the French Sanitary Compliance Certificate (ACS-Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire). The materials we use have therefore been approved and recognized as suitable for use in the food industry.

UVGERMI received the biodosimetric validation for five devices for flow rates between 0.8 and 700 m3/h at 40mj/cm2 , in compliance with the German standard DVGW294W. Four other devices are in the process of being validated for an average flow between 3 and 1290 m3/h.

Our electrical cabinets are APAVE certified, meaning they are compliant with current regulations. All our electricians regularly participate in update/development courses and are certified professionals (French B2V, B2V essai, BC, BR, HOV).


All UVGERMI equipment is tested in our own laboratory and the efficiency is validated in collaboration with the departmental Corrèze analytical laboratory which supplies the results of bacteriological and microbial analyses.