The problematic

In various food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in medical environments, it is essential that the anti-bacterial chain is respected (packaging, work surface, etc.).

Therefore, the treatment of surfaces to eliminate any bacteriological risk becomes a priority.

Examples of use: disinfection of jars, covers, conveyor belts, packaging film, etc.


Implementation of ultraviolet treatment provides quick and effective disinfection of work surfaces without heat or chemical products.

UV radiation has a powerful germicidal effect which deactivates microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds in a few seconds.

The UV radiation is cold and does not heat the exposed materials.

The heightened UVC intensity ensures a reliable, simple and quick treatment of continuously operating packaging machines.


Because each case is unique, most of our surface treatment equipment is custom-built, after studying the specifications.

The disinfection modules consist of a box containing one or more low pressure mercury vapour UV lamps.

The lamps can be protected by quartz sleeves, which serve as a separation between the lamp and the surface to be treated.

Specially studied reflectors guarantee homogenous illumination of the surface to be disinfected.

The only operating costs are the changing of lamps and the electricity consumption.

The process needs little maintenance and surveillance: checking the lifespan of the lamps with a view to replace them, and cleaning of the quartz sleeves.