The problematic

Implementing an effective treatment which destroys pathogenic microorganisms without using chemicals or damaging the marine flora and fauna.

What the system does :
>> It blocks the development of diseases in aquariums and (shell)fish breeding ponds.
>> It destroys parasites, bacteria and viruses in sea water, without using chemicals that are harmful to marine organisms.
>> It increases fish farming and hatchery production by reducing the diseases and the mortality rate due to exterior pathogenic microorganisms.
>> It reduces the proliferation of algae, thus obtaining crystal clear water in swimming pools, recreational ponds, aquariums and fish tanks.

The materials used are inert to corrosion and resistant to UVC rays. Applications in the following fields: aquariums, fish farming, shellfish farming, fish tanks, hatcheries, recreational ponds, industrial.


Ultraviolet disinfection is considered to be one of the most effective techniques employed against bacteria, viruses, parasites and algae.

It safely obtains water of high bacteriological quality, preventing maladies and epizootic diseases. It is a physical treatment which disinfects by using the UVC light spectrum at a wavelength of 254 nm, without danger to marine flora and fauna.

The nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) of the microorganisms are inactivated by the UV radiation from the lamps, thus leading to their immediate destruction.

It is not necessary to use chemical products to complement the UV sterilizers.

The treatment chambers are made of food industry approved HDPE (High-density polyethylene) and the electrical cabinets of coated aluminium or polyester, to avoid any possibility of corrosion in a salty environment.


To size our equipment we use a modelling software developed by our research department to ensure a UV dose of 40 mj/cm2 at the end of the lamps’ lifespan (Standard NF EN 14897+A1), and so minimizing pressure loss.

>> Maximum service pressure: 3bar (higher pressure as an option).
>> Power supply: 220-240 V or 400 Tetra V – 50-60 Hz.
>> Inlet/Outlet flange.
>> High transparency UV quartz sleeve.
>> Low pressure amalgam UV lamp, guaranteed for 9 000 or 16 000 hrs.
>> Coated aluminium or polyester electrical cabinet.
>> UV intensity sensor complying with the DVGW standard, with alarm and pre-alarm, display in W/m2 and alarm for the service life of the lamps.
>> Automatic or manual cleaning : with pull handle: deposits are liable to form on the quartz sleeves (TSS -Total Suspended Solids-, scaling…) and reduce the UVC intensity of the lamps. It is therefore essential to clean them regularly.
>> Remote control and alarms (lamp error signal, alarm buzzer):

– 4-20 mA output, allowing remote processing.
– Dry contact input: UV lamps on/off
– Analog input: regulation of UV intensity according to the water flow rate (option).
– Dry contact output: dry contact for alarm lamp(s), automatic cleaning alarm, alarm and pre-alarm
– analog output: UV intensity.


>> Low energy consumption due to our low pressure UV lamps
>> Guaranteed lifespan of the lamps 9 000 hrs or 16 000 hrs, depending on treatment parameters
>> Low maintenance costs: operating costs are reduced to replacement of the lamps and cleaning of the sleeves
>> Lamps can be changed without emptying the stainless steel body
>> Possibility of custom-built reactors to meet specific client requirements
>> Horizontal or vertical installation
>> Manufactured in France
>> UVGERMI tests all its devices in its own test laboratory