The problematic

All over the world, clean water is becoming a rare and more and more costly commodity. Recovering rainwater for domestic use is an act of environmentally aware citizenship and becoming increasingly widespread and economically viable.
Rainwater without calcium and chlorine can be used for watering gardens, or as feedwater for sanitary installations or washing machines.
For the installation to comply with Ministerial decrees, stock and filtration solutions need to be provided (for interior use).
To make this water safe on a bacteriological level, it is also advisable to make provisions for a treatment system against pathogenic microorganisms.


Sterilization with ultraviolet is a 100% physical treatment, considered to be one of the most effective disinfection-techniques against microorganisms. This system imitates the bactericidal effect of sunlight, but conserves the water’s natural qualities.
The process disinfects by using the UVC light spectrum at a wavelength of 253.7 nm (the most effective wavelength for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms).
The nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) of the microorganisms are damaged by radiation from the UV lamps, thus leading to their immediate destruction.


Our machines consist of a food-grade polyethylene or stainless steel body, into which is installed a low pressure UV lamp emitting at a germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nm.
This is protected from the water by a quartz sleeve that acts as an electrical and thermal insulator.
The control panel is positioned directly on the head or the body of the sterilizer (depending on the model).
It encompasses various security elements:

>> hour counter to check the aging of the UV lamp and record its operating time
>> operating warning light
>> alarm in case the UV lamp stops working

Our equipment can be installed in the filter system of the recuperated water. Due to the small overall dimensions, only limited space is required and the equipment can also be wall mounted.

It is highly recommended to install a filter before the machine, in order to reduce particles that can obstruct the UV radiation. This is why we have designed a special range including both filtration and disinfection in one machine (minimum filtration fineness 25 μ).


Annual maintenance operations are limited to:

>> lamp replacement
>> cleaning the quartz sleeve
>> changing the filter cartridge (depending on the model)

In order to optimize the treatment, we recommend carrying out a shock disinfection treatment of the storage tank once a year.

Afin d’optimiser le traitement nous recommandons d’effectuer une fois par an une désinfection choc de la cuve de stockage.