The problematic

The presence of pathogenic microorganisms in swimming pool water presents a health risk. Chlorine treatment often means that a strong smell of chlorine emanates from the pool. Ultraviolet rays block duplication of the DNA of bacteria and thus inactivate and destroy pathogenic germs.

They are strongly germicidal and virulicidal and are therefore very well suited to treat water of private pools, making it healthier and pleasurable.

 The solution : UV ZEN

Strengthened by our experience acquired in making potable water and the treatment of public swimming pools, we are developing UVZEN for domestic swimming pools, thus making the technology applied to public pools accessible for use in private pools.

UV ZEN (UVDECHLO range) is the only low pressure UV dechloraminatorapproved by the French Ministry of Health.

Using UVZEN will result in a healthy and pleasant swimming pool, with simplified, affordable maintenance, whatever water treatment you apply.


Ultraviolet radiation, generated by UVZEN, destroys bacteria, viruses and all microorganisms present in the water of your swimming pool in just a few seconds, by causing photochemical reactions in their DNA.

An abnormal liaison is created in the DNA chain of the bacterium, which loses its capacity to reproduce. Cell division can no longer take place and the microorganism is destroyed.


>> Destroys germs and bacteria
>> Eliminates the chloramines in your indoor swimming pool, or pool with roll-up cover
>> Gets rid of the nuisances that come with the use of chlorine
>> Makes an end to irritation of the eyes, the mucous membrane and the skin
>> Reduces the risk of allergies
>> Reduces the use of chlorine
>> Compatible with all types of treatment
>> Healthy, clear water
>> Ecological, it can reduce the use of chemical products
>> Lower carbon rate
>> No physical-chemical modification of the water, no variation in pH
>> Elimination of chlorine smells
>> Easy and recreational use
>> Helps avoid premature deterioration of your installation
>> Improves the ambient air in covered pools
>> Limits the use of shock chlorine treatments