The problematic

The ambient air in which we live is often polluted by disagreeable odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nicotine, allergenic substances, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Our current lifestyles require us to spend a lot of our time inside and it is therefore important to make the air in our living- and working space as pure as possible.


Our air purifier is designed to treat aero- and chemical contamination and is suitable for a room of 80 to 100 m2 (160 m3). For larger volumes, multiple machines need to be employed.

The GERMI R75 air purifier uses a combination of photocatalysis and UV-sterilisation.

A non-exhaustive list of microorganisms destroyed by this technology has been established :

  >> Influenza virus (A-flu, amongst others)
  >> Colis
  >> Salmonellae
  >> Bacilli
  >> Streptococcus
  >> Staphylococcus

>> Legionellae
>> Aspergillus
>> Pyocyanin
>> Hepatitis
>> Poliovirus
>> Tobacco mosaic

The same for organic molecules :

>> Nicotine
>> Amines
>> Sulphurs
>> Aldehydes
>> Ketones

>> Alcohols
>> Carboxylic acids
>> Amides
>> Terpenes
>> Hydrocarbons


The GERMI R75 can be used in most environments. Some examples :

  • Hospitals and medical centres : protection of personnel and patients against microbiological contaminations
  • Offices : Protection of personnel and clients against microbiological contaminations and VOCs
  • Manufacturing plants : mainly for the elimination of VOCs, but also against microbiological contaminations
  • Smoking rooms : elimination of bad smells and nicotine residues


Unlike activated carbon filters which only absorb the pollutants and need frequent changing, photocatalysis is a chemical reaction requiring very little maintenance :
  • Changing the filter is only necessary if it is physically destroyed
  • Replacement of the UV-lamps after 7000 hrs use
  • The particle filter needs changing when it is visibly clogging up (between 3 and 6 months), depending on its use.