• Temperature probe with thermoregulator: a reduction of the flow in the treatment chamber generates an increase in temperature. The probe switches off the lamps when the temperature of the water exceeds 50°C (upper temperature adjustable).

  • deposits could form on the quartz sleeves (TSS Total Suspended Solids, scaling) and reduce the UVC intensity of the lamps. It is therefore essential to clean them regularly.

  • Polyester electrical cabinet with double doors for outdoor installation

  • Loose ring flanges or special connectors (sms, clamps…)

  • Service pressure > 8 bar

  • Teleprocessing with transfer by Ethernet: our system has many functionalities, such as display, UV sensor, intensity regulation, hour counter, ignition counter, temperature alarm for the reactor and the electrical cabinet, drain, lamp status display, ballast status display, manual or automatic control.

  • Regulation of UV intensity according to the water flow rate.

  • Interior/exterior electropolishing

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