The problematic

A fountain or basin is a closed environment with a closed filtered circuit. Many exterior forces can disturb the equilibrium of the water and result in proliferation of bacteria, algae or viruses. The basin or fountain becomes murky and green, the sludge settles on the bottom.

Here, we focus on applications such as communal fountains, water walls, ornamental pools, basins and garden ponds.


It is necessary to implement an effective treatment adapted to marine flora and fauna, which perfectly destroys pathogenic microorganisms without using chemical products.

The ultraviolet method clears up the water of fountains and basins, reduces the proliferation of algae and ensures that the water is drinkable on a bacteriological level, in case of accidental ingestion.



Sterilization with ultraviolet is considered to be one of the most effective disinfection-techniques against bacteria, viruses, parasites and algae. It obtains water of high bacteriological quality, preventing maladies and epizootic diseases in ornamental basins.

It is a physical treatment which disinfects by using the UVC light spectrum, without danger to marine flora and fauna.
The nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) of the microorganisms are damaged by the UV radiation from the lamps, thus leading to their immediate destruction.
It is not necessary to use chemical products to complement the UV sterilizers.

This treatment is an interesting complement to water filtration, especially in spring and summer when the proliferation of pathogens and algae is at its highest.


Custom built reactors with options :

>> UV intensity sensor : complying with the DVGW norm, with alarm and pre-alarm, display in W/m2 and alarm for the lifespan of the lamps.
>> Automatic or manual cleaning : deposits are liable to form on the quartz sleeves (TSS -Total Suspended Solids-, scaling…) and reduce the UVC intensity of the lamps. It is therefore essential to clean them regularly.
>> Guaranteed lifespan of the lamps 16 000 hrs or 2 years
>> Low energy consumption due to our low pressure UV lamps

>> Low maintenance costs: operating costs are reduced to replacement of the lamps and cleaning of the sleeves
>> Horizontal or vertical installation
>> Lamps can be changed without emptying the stainless steel body
>> Manufactured in France