French regulations require that all UV dechloramination equipment installed in public pools has to be accredited by the French Ministry of Health. Our UV DECHLO dechloraminator series integrating low pressure mercury vapour UV lamps has been approved since November 2006.

With this certification, UVGERMI can commercialise equipment complying with the norms and guarantee the quality of our process: no THM formation and a 60 to 80% destruction of chloramines.

To date, over 800 pools have been equipped with our low pressure UV dechloraminators.

Moreover UGERMI innovates by improving the UVDECHLO range with a saving energy system : EEC (Eco Energy Controler).

The innovative system has been designed by our engineers in order to answer to the recreational swimming-pool needs. It implements a power regulation system according to the chloramines rate and enables to adjust the dechloraminator power beside the pool visitors rate.

Drinking water

French regulations are changing and now require proven effectiveness of UV equipment used to treat water destined for communal human consumption (destruction notably of pathogenic microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, pseudomonas, streptococci, etc.)

Following the notification of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in the ‘Journal Officiel ‘ of 9th October 2012, it is agreed that “those responsible for bringing UV-reactors to the market are required to provide proof attesting to the effectiveness of the UV reactors when they are brought to the market. The claims of effectiveness […] need to be verified by biodosimetric tests, carried out by accredited organisations.”

It follows that UV equipment manufacturers must obtain a UV specific ‘ACS’ Sanitary Compliance Certificate, accorded by a French Ministry of Health approved organisation.

UVGERMI has received this ‘A.C.S. UV’ compliance certificate for five devices in low pressure technology concerning flow rates between 0.8 and 700 m3/h.

Four others devices are going to be validated for flow rates between 3 and 1290 m3/h.


(Sanitary compliance for domestic use)

Our UV treatment equipment has been awarded the Sanitary Compliance Certificate (ACS – Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire), accorded by a Ministry of Health approved laboratory.

Our grade 316L stainless steel and polyethylene sterilizers for the treatment of drinking water have been biodosimetry tested and awarded the ACS Sanitary Compliance Certificate.

The materials we use are recognised as being of food industry approved quality.

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